b'2021/22 DIGITAL CONCERT HALLD The great thing about our digital concerts is that you igital get to control the venue: join us in your PJs, along with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine), have a watch party P with your friends and family, or just sit back with your ass headphones and enjoy the music. How long are concerts?How do I know if my set-up works? Review our handy guide, How to Access, for tips Most digital performances are about 70 minutesand best practices for getting the most out of we always list our best estimate on the concert your concert experience. page of our website. Most dont feature an Try out our test showcase to make sure yourintermission, but some have breaks in the music, audio and video are working properly before yourwhen performers speak.event. What if I have more questions?How long can I watch for?Were so happy you have questions! Email Different tickets have different periods forfeedback@tafelmusik.org and well do our best to get you answersour musicians and staff are extended viewing access. 2021/22 Digital Seasonkeen to keep the conversation going.Pass holders will be able to view concerts on demand from September 2021 to August 2022. Single-ticket buyers can watch for up to one weekThis is a condensed version of the What to Expect depending on your ticket price. Guide found on our website. To read the full guide and find links to the test showcase and other How can I learn about the music and composers? resources, visit tafelmusik.org/what-to-expect. All ticket holders receive a digital house programExplore the beauty oflisting the repertoire being played and including Tafelmusiks 2021/22 program notes written by our musicians about the digital season on demand,composers and their music. All ticket holders have access to a digitalwherever you are. pre-concert chat, featuring Tafelmusik musicians or special guests speaking about themes of the concert.The Digital Season Pass is your access to Tafelmusiks 2021/22 complete digital season. Featuring eight full-length newly recorded digitalI ncredible music, superb video quality,concerts and exclusive lectures by Tafelmusik musicians, the pass allows you to explore theand being able to see a concert over a few beauty of Tafelmusik from home. Watch your concerts whenever you want, from wherever youdays really helps with my schedule! are in the world!Digital Season Passes go on sale August 2021. Tafelmusik digital audience member12'