b'THE INTERVIEW THE INTERVIEWIn fact, he performed before King George II at the Haymarket Theatrethe same venue where Handel presented his operas for royalty and the public alike.Cera points to several parallels between the two art forms, including the manual dexterity required to master both musical instruments and sleight of hand, the discipline that is fundamental to the art of creating illusions; the inherent perfectionism and many hours of practising required to make the most difficult sequences appear effortless; and the ability to create authentic moments of awe and wonder that arouse the senses. I was raised in a home that was filled with music and have always had a deep reverence for its power to lift us into another dimension, says Music Director Elisa Citterio. Marco and Nick have created something very special with this project, and I am delighted that we will be able to share it with our audience.When he was growing up, magic was a secret refuge for Wallace, who also played violin for almost 15 years. I got hooked on magic when I was young. I was never terribly good at the violin because when I was supposed to be practising music, I was secretly practising magic. And thats what won out. So in some Marco Cera. Photo by Russel Druiven ways, this show feels like its been a long time coming. It feels like Ive finally come full circle.startling moment that is above your normal thresholdLike the appeal of magic shows during the current of emotions. So you can really feel a sense of wonderpandemic, illusionism in baroque art and architecture through the camera. Magic makes viewers ask Whatwas, in part, a reaction to uncertainty and upheaval. just happened there? Those are the questions thatArtistic devices of spatial illusion were developed in linger in peoples minds and that stick with them justEurope during the 17th century in response to culturalNick Wallacea little bit longer. Because it questions the things thatanxieties occasioned by revolutionary scientific they thought were true. discoveries, revolutionary religious upheaval, and alsothe renowned American art historian Lois Parkinsonauditory illusions, such as the phenomenon of As one live performance after another wasby the new taste for virtuosic visual display, wroteZamora in a publication for the University of Houston.melodic fission, where a single melody is perceived cancelled in March 2020, Wallace was initiallyThe authority of perception was being undermined,as two melodic lines.skeptical about taking his shows online. I was soand baroque artists responded accordinglyandAs we navigate the ever-shifting sands of 2021, hesitant because I thought, people are just reallyoften fantasticallywith structures intended tomany of us are looking for a sprinkling of enchantment hungry for entertainment. Well now youre competingdeceive the eyethe literal meaning, of course, ofwithin the narrow confines of our daily routines. Is it with Netflix, Game of Thrones, Steven Spielberg. Itrompe loeil.possible for magic to manifest itself in our world today? wondered, why wouldnt people just watch YouTube ifInthesamewaythatmodernillusionistsJoyce suggests that the potential lies within each of they wanted to see magic? But its the fact that magicmanipulateoursenses,baroquearchitectsus. Belief is a really powerful vehicle for change, breaks that fourth wall, even if youre doing it digitally.experimented with curves, light, and proportionsand Im a firm believer in preaching the metaphor of Cerafirstmadetheconnectionbetweento create clever optical illusions. Sculptors like Gianmagic: If you believe in something impossible, and you music and magic while doing research for his 2018Lorenzo Bernini perfectly rendered the human formtake action by making the effort and doing the work, it Tafelmusik multimedia program, The Harlequin Salon.in solid marbledeceptively appearing as soft andcan have magical effects. We can choose to see magic He came across the 17th-century English conjurer andmalleable as flesh, drapery, or fine cloth. Paintersall around us; those moments are everywhere. entrepreneur Isaac Fawkes, a contemporary of Handel.like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Caravaggio relied Fawkes widely promoted his Tricks by Dexterity ofon chiaroscuro, foreshortening, and other opticalLuisa Trisi is the founder of Big Picture Commu-Hand, with Cards, Eggs, Corn, Mice, curious Indiatechniques that brought illusionism to new heightsnications, a Toronto-based company specializing in Birds, and Money and became the first magician toduring the 17th century. Cera notes that baroquestrategic communications.shift his act from the streets of London to the stage.composers, including Bach and Telemann, created Ryan Joyce10 11'