b'THE INTERVIEWGRAND ILLUSIONWhat do music and magic have in common?Theres more to it than meets the eye.By Luisa TrisiAs a young boy growing up in the Italian village ofnot seen since the Golden Age of Magic in the 1920s, Malo, Vicenza, Tafelmusik oboist and visual artistwhen stars like Dante, Thurston, Carter the Great, Dai Marco Cera was mesmerized by the local autoVernon and most of all, Harry Houdini, were household mechanic, whose side hustle as a magician madenames (Forbes). him a popular fixture around town. Cera recalls seeingAfter many months of being cooped up and him at the caf entertaining the locals with card tricks,isolated, are we simply longing for enchantment and and at parties performing the classic illusion of sawingan escape from the anxiety of endless lockdowns a woman in half.and vaccine supply shortages? Or has the pandemic A few decades later, Ceras childhood fascinationprofoundly shaken confidence in our fundamental with the world of illusion has come full circle. Togetherassumptions about how daily life is supposed to with Nick Wallace, an award-winning practitioner of theunfold? For Wallace, a magic show is a safe place to art of astonishment, and Music Director Elisa Citterio,play with those assumptions. Its a tacit agreement Cera is creating a new digital program about musicthat an audience and a magician make: you know and magic for Tafelmusiks 2021/22 digital season.this isnt real, and I know this isnt real, but lets just Combining Wallaces magic vignettes with music byplay for the next 30 minutesunlike in the real world, baroque composers performed by Tafelmusik, the filmwhere its not a good feeling to have your assumptions explores the parallels between these two entrancingrocked. art forms.Veteran magician and digital media producer Ryan The timing of Ceras program is no coincidence.Joyce has joined the films creative team as director. One of the more intriguing trends to emerge fromAs a successful content producer, Joyce believes the pandemic is the huge popularity of online magicthat magic is an art form that still retains its impact shows, which have attracted new audiences in a waywhen conveyed digitally. Magic can make you have a The soul should always stand ajar.Emily Dickinson9'