Movie Night at Tafelmusik: AMADEUS Directors Cut

Tafelscene 35 and Under special event

Fri Feb 8 at 7pm Trinity-St. Paul's Centre | Auditorium Map

Join other Tafelscene members for a special screening of the 1984 Academy Award winning movie AMADEUS Director's Cut.

GUEST SPEAKER: Allen Whear, cellist for Tafelmusik

In 1781 Vienna, court composer Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) is maddened with envy after discovering that the divine musical gifts he desires for himself have been bestowed on the bawdy, impish Mozart (Tom Hulce), whom he plots to destroy by any means necessary. And by means of cinematic craft and sublime music, we watch spellbound.

Bring your lawn chair and/or blanket!
Indoor event. Standard foldable chairs will also be made available.
Entry fee: $2 only | Free popcorn
Beer and refreshments will be available at minimal cost