Passions of the Soul

Available only on subscription. Contact 1 (833) 964-6337 for details.

Thu Oct 22 at 8pm Online

Elisa Citterio director

Bliss, grief, delight: experience a kaleidoscope of emotions with 18th-century music that will open your heart and mind.

Curated and directed by Elisa Citterio, this concert is a microcosm of our season theme, “Passions of the Soul.” In their quest to awe and inspire, 18th-century composers strove to describe the desires of the soul and touch the hearts of listeners with poignant and captivating music. 

This program takes you on a winding journey, visiting the peaks and valleys of the emotional landscape: from the grandeur of Lalande’s Chaconne—inspired by the magnificent fountains of Versailles—to Locatelli’s mournful Sinfonia Funebre, and Telemann’s suite “La Bourse,” an irreverent depiction of the roller-coaster of emotions experienced by investors in the stock market.

This event will be a livestream. 


  • Bach Concerto for 3 violins in D Major, after BWV 1064
  • Locatelli Sinfonia Funebre
  • Lalande Chaconne from Les fontaines de Versailles
  • Telemann Orchestral suite “La Bourse” (The Stock Exchange)