Directed by Ivars Taurins / Tafelmusik Chamber Choir


Thu Nov 14, Fri Nov 15, Sat Nov 16 at 8pm, Sun Nov 17 at 3:30pm Jeanne Lamon Hall, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre Map SUBSCRIBE NOW

Take a peek into Bach’s and Handel’s libraries to discover a new gem by Lotti alongside music by the masters themselves.

Antonio Lotti was one of those important baroque composers whose name has been lost in the march of musical history. But as a contemporary of Bach and Handel, and the teacher of Zelenka, the Venetian Lotti was a significant figure in his day. Lotti’s Missa Sapientiae may not be well known today, but if you looked in the libraries of both Bach and Handel, there you'd find it—a copy of the Mass, written out by hand by the famous composers themselves. 
Tafelmusik Orchestra and Chamber Choir help us recover Lotti and his place in the baroque musical world by pairing the work that fired the imagination of Lotti's contemporaries with music by Bach, Handel, and Zelenka themselves.  
What's interesting about this concert:
  1. This is the first time Tafelmusik has performed a work by Antonio Lotti with its highly charged emotional palette, solemn and exuberant by turns. 
  2. Soloists for this concert are all selected from within the ranks of Tafelmusik's world-famous Chamber Choir.
  3. Did you know: Missa sapientiae means "Mass of Science" or "Mass of Wisdom," an unusual title for a baroque mass that speaks both to its learned and transcendental character. 
Program includes:
  • Lotti Missa Sapientiae
  • Choral works by Bach, Handel & Zelenka
  • James Rolfe World premiere

Photo: Water Jewels, Claire Ross