Il Seicento

Il Seicento

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Elisa Citterio director

Experience innovative music by trendsetting Italian composers who ushered in the new baroque style during the 1600s.

Join us as we explore the ambitious, experimental energy of the music scene in 17th-century Italy (Il Seicento), where the new baroque style was just starting to emerge. Curated entirely by Elisa Citterio, this program includes music by early innovators like Marini, Castello, Kapsperger, and Falconieri, who were at the vanguard of European musical trends. The music they composed was fresh, exhilarating, and daring in its use of free form and improvisation.

Pieces composed for one to seven musicians and scored for various combinations of strings, lute, harpsichord, and organ are woven together by improvisatory threads. Discover these intimate dialogues by 17th-century composers whose musical language leaves plenty of room for experimentation and dazzling ornamentation.

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  • Cazzati Capriccio sopra sette note
  • Kapsperger Sinfonias & Canario
  • Falconieri Canzon detta L’infante archibizzara, Passacalle & Ciaccona
  • Marini Capriccio, Passacalio & Sonata sopra la Monica
  • Gabrielli Sonata a violoncello solo
  • Piccinini Partite variate, for solo lute
  • Castello Sonata à 4
  • Uccellini Aria sopra la Bergamesca
  • Trabaci Gagliarda