Haydn and Friends

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Online Premiere: March 17, 2022, 8pm EDT

Savour this classical chamber program full of wit and charm featuring music by Haydn and his contemporaries.

Our award-winning recordings of Haydn symphonies have been admired the world over for their verve and panache. On a more intimate scale, we now return to the music of Haydn and his contemporaries. Elisa Citterio has curated a program of classical chamber music, with trios by Haydn and Bréval and a lively quintet by Boccherini. The bassoon makes an appearance in Danzi’s quartet in D Minor as an equal partner in a musical conversation among four instruments.

In striking contrast to the emotional expressiveness of baroque music, these intimate works full of wit and charm favour the clarity and poise of classicism.

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Joseph Haydn Trio in G Major, op. 53, no. 1

Jean-Baptiste Bréval Trio in D Major, op. 39, no. 2

Franz Danzi Bassoon Quartet in D Minor, op. 40, no. 2

Luigi Boccherini Quintet in D Major, op. 39, no. 3