1730 Leipzig to 1960 Yorkville


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Thu Oct 10 at 8:30pm Burdock Music Hall (1184 Bloor St. West) Map

It’s 1730s Leipzig, Germany. J.S. Bach and his colleagues gather at Zimmerman’s coffee house for weekly concerts featuring the new music of the day. Fast forward to Toronto in the 1960s. Yorkville (now known as the ‘Mink Mile’) is a hub of subversion and anti-establishment activism. Undiscovered artists are making their breaks and international acts have come to sling it in underground dives and coffee houses. Legends of this counterculture scene pepper music collections across the world. 

For this first Haus Musik concert of the season, Tafelmusik’s baroque flair and artistry meet folk favourites from Yorkville’s colourful past. Sonatas by Bach and friends will be interspersed with new arrangements of iconic songs by Buffy Saint-Marie, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel, and others.

Curated with guest artists Andrew Downing (double bass, arranger) and Alex Samaras (vocals), CAFÉ COUNTERCULTURE is a trip down memory lane well worth taking.

Curated by:
Marco Cera, Andrew Downing, and Alex Samaras

Andrew Downing, double bass, arranger
Alex Samaras, vocals

Members of Tafelmusik:
Marco Cera, oboe
Elisa Citterio, violin
Dominic Teresi, bassoon
Charlotte Nediger, harpsichord

Lighting design:
Chris Malkowski, lighting designer

$20 advance
$25 door
Doors at 7:30pm

General admission. Limited seating.

This venue is fully accessible, however the bathrooms are not. Haus Musik offers limited seating and is often standing room only.

Custom Typography by Christopher Rouleau