Close Encounters: Re-tuned

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Thu Nov 12 at 8pm Online
The sound of string players tuning their instruments often signals the beginning of a concert. What happens when you change up this familiar tuning?
Many baroque composers experimented with re-pitching some of the strings to draw different sounds and possibilities from the violin, a technique called scordatura. We explore one of the most popular of these re-tunings (AEAE), which offers a very open, resonant sound — evoking trumpets and vielles (medieval string instruments). We also say a quick hello to our fiddler cousins, who still turn to this tuning for some of their traditional tunes.
Geneviève Gilardeau curator
Geneviève Gilardeau & Cristina Zacharias violins
Felix Deak viola da gamba & cello
Lucas Harris lute & guitar
  • Erlebach Sonata in A Major for scordatura violin, viola da gamba & continuo
  • Biber Partia no. 3 for 2 scordatura violins & continuo, from Harmonia artificioso-ariosa
  • Veracini meets traditional fiddle tunes