Close Encounters: Divertimento

Single tickets on sale December 17

Thu Jan 28, 2021 at 8pm EST Online
Divert (verb): To draw away from fatiguing or serious occupations; pleasurably to excite the mind or attract the attention; to entertain, amuse. [Oxford English Dictionary]
The divertimento is light and liberated music making. The structured forms of the classical sonata and symphony are set aside in music that offers simple, tuneful delight to players and listeners alike. The divertimento enjoyed its heyday in 18th-century Vienna, and so it is to Vienna we turn for an evening of music that aims to please and divert.
John Abberger oboe
Chistopher Verrette violin
Patrick G. Jordan viola
Allen Whear violoncello 
Pippa Macmillan double bass
  • Divertimentos by Mozart, Michael Haydn, Vanhal & Hoffmeister