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Bach Motets

Directed by Ivars Taurins

Bach Motets with the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir

Sat May 12, 2018 at 8pm Jeanne Lamon Hall, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre Map

Join us for a very special evening in the company of the Bach family.

Tafelmusik Chamber Choir is showcased in this program of some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s most expressive and intimate choral music, combined with music written by his mentor and cousin, the enigmatic Johann Christoph.

Interspersed with this sublime choral music, Cristina Zacharias will perform movements from Bach’s sonatas and partitas for solo violin (marked in green).

Watch the invitation from Ivars Taurins Chamber Choir Director.

  • J.S. Bach Kyrie-Christe, du Lamm Gottes, BWV 233a

  • J.S. Bach Largo, from Sonata for solo violin in C Major, BWV 1005 

  • J.Ch. Bach Motet “Ich lasse dich nicht”

  • J.S. Bach Adagio, from Sonata for solo violin in G Minor, BWV 1001

  • J.Ch. Bach Sterb Aria “Mit Weinen hebt sichs an”

  • J.S. Bach Corrente, from Partita for solo violin in D Minor, BWV 1004

  • J.S. Bach Motet “Jesu, meine Freude”

  • J.S. Bach Giga from Partita for solo violin in D Minor, BWV 1004

  • J.S. Bach Motet “Singet dem Herrn”

  • J.Ch. Bach Sterb Aria “Es ist nun aus”


Tafelmusik Chamber Choir
Christina Mahler, violoncello
Alison Mackay, double bass
Charlotte Nediger, organ
Cristina Zacharias, violin

Program subject to change

Please note that there will not be a pre-concert chat prior to this concert.
Main doors open at 7pm, with auditorium doors opening at 7:30pm.

Concert run time is approximately 80 minutes. There will not be an intermission.