Directed by Elisa Citterio


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Premium Concert
Bach's timeless keyboard masterpiece arranged for orchestra by Music Director Elisa Citterio.
The tradition of rearranging Bach’s music stretches back centuries. Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Liszt, and Mahler were all entranced with the music of the great baroque genius. Of course, in rearranging Bach, they were following in the master's own footsteps—Bach routinely re-worked his own and other composer's compositions throughout his life. So it's in that spirit that Tafelmusik has decided to present Bach's harpsichord masterpiece, the Goldberg Variations, in the premiere of a new instrumental arrangement by Tafelmusik's Music Director, Elisa Citterio. As with the works of her illustrious predecessors, Citterio's orchestral Goldbergs will allow us to hear the familiar as though for the first time. 
Tafelmusik’s rendition will be a fascinating version of these astonishing 30 variations, based on one simple theme, that nonetheless create a perfect musical world.
What's interesting about this concert:
  1. The Goldbergs were, among other things, written as an exercise in keyboard virtuosity. But the genius of Bach allows the variations to be invested with a new spirit when transformed into pieces for orchestra. 
  2. Hear Tafelmusik's multi-talented Music Director in a new guise—as an arranger as well as a player, turning these keyboard miniature masterpieces into works for various combinations of solo players as well as orchestral forces.
  3. A world premiere for harpsichord by flutist Grégoire Jeay opens the concert, moving immediately into the main event. An introduction, in effect, to another introduction—the simple Aria with which the Goldbergs begin and end.  
Pre-concert Chat
Join us one hour before each concert for a free pre-concert chat with Tafelmusik harpsichordist Charlotte Nediger.
  • Grégoire Jeay World premiere
  • Bach Goldberg Variations (arranged for orchestra by Elisa Citterio)

 Concert run time: approximately 90 minutes, no intermission.

Watch and Listen to Pierre HantaÏ perform the Goldberg Variations on the harpsichord without interruption. This is the original version as Bach wrote it. Prepare yourself before hearing Elisa Citterio's new transcription.

Photo: Nautilus Twirl, Elizabeth Hesp / Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art