Jun 18, 2019

Tafelmusik 2019/20 campaign showcases the work of contemporary artists

By Sarah Baumann, Marketing Director

In keeping with our 2019/20 Season theme of “old meets new” we are thrilled to share the work of some of Canada’s and the world’s most exciting contemporary artists as part of our season campaign.

These stunning images were chosen to complement both the season theme and the theme of each individual concert. Here is a bit about the featured artists, along with links to their websites if you’d like to learn more.

Tafelmusik meets Tchaikovsky:
Orange Dawn, Dave Sandford

Dave Sandford is a professional photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada. He’s primarily covered professional sports for the past 21 years, but his passion for photography was born from a love of nature and wildlife. He has been fortunate to photograph far beyond Canada’s borders from the frozen tundra of the Arctic to the warm waters of the South Pacific capturing diverse wildlife and landscapes. Over the past 3 years, my nature photography has taken me into the frigid waters of Lake Erie where I tackled the challenge of “the Gales of November” as well as a world away to the surf breaks off the southeast coast of Australia and the polar ice caps of the Arctic.

Tafelmusik 2019/20 Season. Orange Dawn, Dave Sandford

Baroque Roots:
Junipero’s Garden, Steve Solinsky

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May 3, 2019

Tafelmusik at 40: 2009 – 2019

As we continue to celebrate 40 years of Tafelmusik, we look back at this incredible journey through timelines in select house programs. As the 40th anniversary comes to an end, we look back on our most recent (but not last!) decade, 2009 to 2019.
Tafelmusik Orchestra is invited by Kent Nagano to be orchestra-in-residence at the inaugural Reate Festival in Rieti, Italy
May 1, 2019

Behind the Musik: Bach Magnificat

Bach Magnificat. Concert image by Michael Barker.

Program Notes by Charlotte Nediger

Zelenka Missa Divi Xaverii