Jun 9, 2021

Meet Artist Gordon Shadrach

This week, we unveiled Gordon Shadrach’s Opus 7: a brand-new portrait of 18th-century Black composer Joseph Bologne. This portrait will serve as the cover art of our reissued digital album, The Music of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges.

Opus 7 by Gordon Shadrach

Based in Toronto, and born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Shadrach has exhibited in solo and group art shows in Canada and the United States, and works from photographs at his in-home studio. In this interview, get to know Shadrach, his work, and his relationship to this project.

Artist Gordon Shadrach, Photo by
Artist Gordon Shadrach. Photo by Aous Poules.

Had you heard of Joseph Bologne and his music prior to this collaboration with Tafelmusik?

Gordon Shadrach: I had not heard of Joseph Bologne and his music prior to working with Tafelmusk. Given that I am aware of a number of other composers of the era, I think this links to the lack of representation of his music and the erasure of Black achievements and abilities.

Can you speak a little bit about your process, in creating this portrait of Bologne? Did you research him, or listen to his music, while in the process of creating it?

GS: When I was approached about the project I went on a fact-finding mission. I watched a documentary about him and enjoyed listening to his music. The challenge was finding visual representations of him that offered insights into who he really was as a person. I also wanted to better understand the historical style of the period when he was composing so I researched the fashions of the time.

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May 14, 2021

Music and Resistance in Colonial Latin America

This season, we have been exploring the theme of music as resistance: the ways in which music has given voice to those who have been chronically underrepresented.

May 7, 2021

Meet the Panelists of Tafel Talks: Joseph Bologne, Black & Classical

On Wednesday May 19 at 7pm EDT, we are hosting Tafel Talks: Joseph Bologne, Black & Classical. This conversation will explore the music, life, and legacy of the influential Black violinist and composer, Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Our panel of contributors from New York, Nassau, and Toronto will unpack Bologne’s significance within past and current contexts and discuss the impact of systemic racism in music history. 

In this post, get to know the panelists and moderators of this event. 


May 7, 2021

The New Normal Q&A: Bingbin Cheng

In The New Normal—our interview series—we speak to the musicians and staff of Tafelmusik, to ask how working and performing in new ways has changed our routines, and our operations as a performing arts organization.

In this interview, we virtually sat down with Bingbin Cheng, our Development Coordinator, to hear her perspective on how this “new normal” has affected her work and life.


Apr 30, 2021

Making Masks for Choir Singers

Still image from A Tafelmusik Christmas

The safety of our musicians, staff, and crew is paramount to us: all of our concerts are filmed adhering to local health guidelines, and with safety in mind, which is why you will see our performers wearing masks.

But what happens when those performers are singers?