Sep 22, 2020


When the pandemic set in, our daily routines were drastically altered. And although it’s been disruptive, a silver lining of the “new normal” has been having more time to do the things we love—like reading.

In this series, catch up with Tafelmusik’s orchestra, choir, and staff members, to hear more about what books they are reading, and how they reflect our current lives. In this first edition, hear about books which our musicians and colleagues feel are uplifting.

Have a recommendation in your own? Please share what books you are reading, and why, here.

Keith Lam, baritone

China Rich Girlfriend, Kevin Kwan

“I've decided to check out China Rich Girlfriend, the sequel to the wildly popular novel and movie Crazy Rich Asians. Part of the reason why I picked this book is because I don't often come across a lot of stories related to my cultural background in North American literature (perhaps I could audition for the film version someday?).  The story is over the top, filled with humour and occasionally lovely mentions of delicious Asian foods that you wish you could have during these times of distancing.  But ultimately, it is really just an outrageous family drama with secrets we (Asian or not) can relate to. Also, this story is a trilogy, the final installment is just within reach!”


David Costello, production manager

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage, Alice Munro

“It’s a very intimate collection of short stories. You gain access to the wholeness of the character’s lives, and how those lives end up being reframed in quiet, personal moments that probably pass by unnoticed by others. It reminds me how much your life can be changed by things that seem almost trivial at the time.”


Katie Norman, associate development director

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Aug 28, 2020

Watch Now: Safe Haven concert

Opening night of Safe Haven. Photo by Jeff Higgins.

We were pleased to provide a free, one-week screening of Alison Mackay's Safe Haven from August 28 to September 4, 2020.

Featuring Maryem Tollar, Naghmeh Farahmand, and kora virtuoso Diely Mori Tounkara, this multimedia concert of masterworks by Vivaldi, Corelli, Lully, and Bach portrays the influence of migration on the musical life of Europe—and equally of present-day Canada.

Aug 27, 2020

A Reimagined Fall Season

Elisa Citterio. Photo by Daniel Banko, Banko MediaThe pandemic arrived silently, forcing us to leave the world and retire to our homes. For many people, daily life had to adapt to the circumstances, and homes were animated by work activities, play, and music. Yes, because as a basic necessity, music has touched the souls of many through this invisible network that unites us.

Aug 21, 2020

Safe Haven Teaser Playlist

Safe Haven features music by European baroque composers including Corelli, Lully, Bach, Telemann, and Vivaldi—composers whose interactions with migrant musicians, impresarios, and artisans had a major influence on their work.