May 3, 2019

Tafelmusik at 40: 2009 – 2019

As we continue to celebrate 40 years of Tafelmusik, we look back at this incredible journey through timelines of each decade. As the 40th anniversary season comes to an end, we look back on our most recent (but not last!) decade, 2009 to 2019.
Tafelmusik Orchestra is invited by Kent Nagano to be orchestra-in-residence at the inaugural Reate Festival in Rieti, Italy
Tafelmusik films two performance documentaries with 90th Parallel Productions: Handel Sing-Along Messiah and The Galileo Project
Tafelmusik’s first performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 sell out at Koerner Hall
Tafelmusik’s first-ever performances of music by Chopin, featuring pianist Janina Fialkowska playing a restored Pleyel piano
Tafelmusik launches its own recording label, Tafelmusik Media
Tricia Baldwin and Jeanne Lamon, Tafelmedia launch
Tricia Baldwin and Jeanne Lamon, Tafelmedia launch
Tafelmusik undertakes its first live-performance recordings: our concert performances of Handel Messiah and Beethoven “Eroica”/Mendelssohn “Italian” Symphony are recorded for release on the Tafelmusik Media label
Tafelmusik Chamber Choir joins the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in performances of Beethoven 9th Symphony at the gala opening of the OSM’s new concert hall
The orchestra heads “down under” for the first time, taking The Galileo Project to Australia and New Zealand
Tafelmusik Orchestra joins Opera Atelier at the Royal Opera House in Versailles for performances of Lully Armide
Tafelmusik, in partnership with Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church, undertakes major venue renovations. The Honourable Henry N.R. Jackman provides a $1 million leadership gift, requesting that Tafelmusik name its venue Jeanne Lamon Hall
Interior of Jeanne Lamon Hall. Photo by Martin Reis.
Interior of Jeanne Lamon Hall during early stages of the renovation. Photo: Martin Reis.
Jeanne Lamon’s final season as full-time Music Director
Tafelmusik takes The Galileo Project to Japan and Korea, and runs an artist training residency at Korea’s Hangyang University
Tafelmusik’s debut as orchestra-in-residence at Leipzig Bach Festival
Tafelmusik receives the 2015 National Arts Centre Award for Distinguished Contribution to Touring in the Performing Arts
Tafelmusik welcomes William Norris as Managing Director
Tafelmusik completes its cycle of recordings of Beethoven symphonies, with a live recording of performances of Beethoven’s 9th at Koerner Hall, TELUS Centre (February 4–7, 2016), conducted by Bruno Weil
Tafelmusik announces the appointment of its new Music Director, Elisa Cittterio
Music Director Elisa Citterio. Photo Monica Cordiviola
Music Director Elisa Citterio. Photo: Monica Cordiviola.
Jeanne Lamon becomes Music Director Emerita
Tafelmusik launches Close Encounters, a series of chamber concerts, and Haus Musik, a series in alternative venues which pairs Tafelmusik musicians with performers as diverse as DJs, dancers, and videographers
The orchestra takes J.S. Bach: The Circle of Creation to China, South Korea, Puerto Rico, across the US, and to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa
Elisa Citterio begins her first season as Music Director
Members of Tafelmusik perform at the October 2 investiture of Governor General Julie Payette, a former member of the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir

Members of Tafelmusik performing at the investiture of Governor General Julie Payette.
Tafelmusik welcomes Carol Kehoe as Executive Director

Two of Tafelmusik’s longest standing members retire, Christina Mahler, Principal Cello since 1981, and Alison Mackay, Principal Double Bass since 1979

The Continuo Team: Alison Mackay (double bass), Charlotte Nediger (harpsichord), Christina Mahler (violoncello). Photo: Sian Richards
The Continuo Team: Alison Mackay (double bass), Charlotte Nediger (harpsichord), Christina Mahler (violoncello). Photo: Sian Richards
The orchestra records its first CD with Elisa Citterio, Vivaldi con amore (scheduled for release in the 2019/20 season)

40th anniversary
Tafelmusik at 40