Aug 27, 2020

A Reimagined Fall Season

Elisa Citterio. Photo by Daniel Banko, Banko MediaThe pandemic arrived silently, forcing us to leave the world and retire to our homes. For many people, daily life had to adapt to the circumstances, and homes were animated by work activities, play, and music. Yes, because as a basic necessity, music has touched the souls of many through this invisible network that unites us. With renewed synergy, Tafelmusik has focused its efforts on creating something new that sustains our art and makes it available to those who know and love our music, fans and to those who are unfamiliar with us.    

With great joy in our hearts, we offer our reimagined Fall 2020 season — slightly altered from what we planned before the pandemic, but perhaps even more captivating and engaging because it showcases Tafelmusik as you’ve never seen if before, with the emotion of playing together in person after months of forced separation. It will be like renewing a first love.

Buon ascolto — happy listening!

Elisa Citterio
Music Director

Credit: Elisa Citterio by Daniel Banko, Banko Media

Passions of the Soul
Elisa Citterio
2020/21 Season