Mar 19, 2019

Patrick Jordan invites you to Strangers in Strange Lands

James Wilson Carmichael, The Pool of London.

I am delighted to invite you to our next Close Encounters concert, Strangers in Strange Lands. This exploration of chamber music from the middle of the 18th century will be presented in two venues in Toronto, Holy Trinity Church (by the Eaton Centre) and the Temerty Theatre, TELUS Centre (at the Royal Conservatory of Music).

The musical terms “baroque” and “classical” are familiar to many of us, and we would happily put Corelli in the first category and Mozart in the second. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that things are not quite as simple as that! The meeting place of those two periods is alive with a wonderfully rich and varied repertoire that is not heard as often as it deserves to be. Described at the time as stile galante or galant style, it is music that is by turns charming and highly expressive.

Each of the composers presented in this concert made their lives and livings in countries that were foreign to them: Brescianello was from Bologna but made his way in Stuttgart; Janitsch was Silesian, but lived in Berlin; Noferi, an Italian, was part of the vibrant musical fabric of London, along with the Leipzig-born youngest son of J.S. Bach, known in his adopted Britain as John Christian Bach.

We hope you’ll be able to join us and enjoy the opportunity to hear some rarely heard gems of the galant style.

Patrick G. Jordan

Close Encounters
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Patrick Jordan