Jul 15, 2021

That's a wrap! A look back at 2020/21

As summer deepens and we look back over the past season, the word gratitude jumps to mind. Gratitude for the joy and beauty that music brings. Gratitude for the support of our donors and audience members. Gratitude for the dedication and commitment of our musicians, staff, and board. And gratitude for those whose passionate leadership paved the way for Tafelmusik to thrive for more than four decades.  

Jun 14, 2021

Dynamic Duos: Curator's Notes

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Elisa Citterio. Photo by Daniel Banko, Banko Media

An introduction to Dynamic Duos by Music Director Elisa Citterio

May 28, 2021

The New Normal Q&A: Kaitlin Saito

In The New Normal—our interview series—we speak to the musicians and staff of Tafelmusik, to ask how working and performing in new ways has changed our routines, and our operations as a performing arts organization.

In this interview, we virtually sat down with Kaitlin Saito, our Artists Services & Operations Coordinator, to hear her perspective on how this “new normal” has affected her work and life.

May 17, 2021

Joseph Bologne: Recommended Reading & Resources

In advance of our panel discussion Tafel Talks: Joseph Bologne, Black & Classical, here is a collection of further reading and resources that provide valuable context surrounding Bologne’s storied life and his musical contributions to the classical canon. This talk will also broadly explore Blackness in classical music, and the ongoing challenges Black composers and performers are facing today. Some of the resources below offer ways to discover Black classical music history and challenge notions of whiteness in the classical music world.

May 14, 2021

Music and Resistance in Colonial Latin America

This season, we have been exploring the theme of music as resistance: the ways in which music has given voice to those who have been chronically underrepresented.

May 7, 2021

Meet the Panelists of Tafel Talks: Joseph Bologne, Black & Classical

On Wednesday May 19 at 7pm EDT, we are hosting Tafel Talks: Joseph Bologne, Black & Classical. This conversation will explore the music, life, and legacy of the influential Black violinist and composer, Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Our panel of contributors from New York, Nassau, and Toronto will unpack Bologne’s significance within past and current contexts and discuss the impact of systemic racism in music history. 

In this post, get to know the panelists and moderators of this event. 


Apr 29, 2021

How Choirs Enhance Wellness

Highlights from our Panel Discussion

Last month, we hosted Tafel Talks: Emotional Rescue. This panel discussion explored how choirs and choral singing enhance our wellbeing: physically, mentally, and spiritually, while encouraging collaboration and community building.

Apr 22, 2021

Meet artist Alex McLeod, from our new Mozart Musik in Motion video

Musik in Motion is a free series of collaborative videos, featuring local artists of diverse art forms, and produced by Tafelmusik and Puncture Design.

Apr 8, 2021

On the Road: Musicians’ Touring Memories

Our next concert, On the Road, pays homage to Tafelmusik’s history of tour and travel. Bringing our concerts around the world is part of our organization’s legacy—and, something we’re greatly missing at this time.

In advance of this concert, we asked our musicians to share with us some of their fondest memories—and, some of their scariest hiccups!—while traveling around the world with our orchestra. Here are their stories.

Apr 7, 2021

Man on a mission: Francesco Lotoro breathes life into Holocaust music

This season, we have been exploring the theme of music as resistance: the ways in which music has given voice to those who have been chronically underrepresented. Our explorations have included a panel discussion which unpacked how music can push back again persecution, oppression, and injustice; and a recent article from Laury Gutiérrez on Antonia Bembo, the remarkable Italian baroque composer who created her own musical language during her self-imposed exile in France.