Bloor Street Culture Corridor

Tafelmusik is a proud member of the Bloor Street Culture Corridor
Toronto's most diverse arts and culture district

Arts and culture organizations along Bloor St. West have come together in partnership to create the Bloor St. Culture Corridor, a uniquely Torontonian arts and culture district. Bloor St. Culture Corridor partner organizations present professional arts and culture, for the public, in a year-round destination venue, on or within a block of Bloor St., between Bathurst and Bay Streets.

The arts and culture destinations of the Bloor St. Culture Corridor offer a wide variety of accessible cultural experiences, including  museum experiences, films, concerts, art exhibitions, theatre performances, family events, classes and culture talks, and opportunities to experience some of Toronto's cultural diversity, including French, Jewish, Italian, Estonian, Japanese and Aboriginal arts and culture.

Torontonians and visitors to the city can easily take public transit to get to the Bloor St. Culture Corridor (there are 5 major subway stations along the Corridor), and walk from a museum to an afternoon art talk or exhibition, shop, have lunch or dinner, and enjoy an inspiring concert or film ‐‐ all within an easily walkable 1 mile / 1.5 kms.

Each year, more than three million members of the public go to Bloor St. Culture Corridor exhibitions, performances, and events.

Toronto's Bloor Street is a vibrant corridor with fourteenpermanent world‐class arts organizations ‐ all in almost exactly one mile (1.6 kms) ‐ between Bathurst and Bay Streets. 
The Bloor St. Culture Corridor can be found online at: