Baroque for the Brain: Music to Study By


Baroque for the Brain

Digital release available to stream

Album cover for Baroque for the Brain. A blue brain over a blue background.

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Music is considered one of the best companions to stimulate your study efforts. This unique playlist—our first ever digital release—features one of the world’s leading baroque ensembles in a wonderful blend of music by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, and Beethoven. We are delighted to offer this inspiring music as a backdrop for your studies.  


"Music from the baroque and classical eras is intrinsically well suited to studying. Its harmonies, melodies, and rhythms are ordered and pleasing. I feel certain that this music is “good for the brain.” It is both stimulating and calming. It encourages focus. Whether fast or slow, it works well as either background or foreground music. I have looked for tracks that flow well, but are not dramatically shocking. It is all wonderful music, and will hopefully inspire great and productive studying!"

—Jeanne Lamon

Baroque for the Brain: Music to Study By is available on all major streaming and digital music services.

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Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra & Chamber Choir
Elisa Citterio, Music Director
Ivars Taurins, Director, Tafelmusik Chamber Choir
Playlist curated by Jeanne Lamon, Music Director Emerita