Baroque for Baby


Baroque for Baby

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Playlist curated by violinist Cristina Zacharias

Following its first digital-only release in March 2020, Tafelmusik returns with Baroque for Baby, a kid-friendly playlist curated by violinist and mother of two, Cristina Zacharias. Tafelmusik’s core baroque repertoire has particular appeal for younger listeners — catchy dance music with great rhythms, singable melodies, plenty of repetition, and lots of opportunity to showcase the textures and sounds of various wind, string, and plucked instruments. 

Selections from renowned Tafelmusik recordings include music by Telemann, Purcell, Lully, Vivaldi, Handel, Monteverdi, Rameau, Merula, Sweelink, and Marais. Zacharias’s choices balance enlivening, energetic music that encourages children to move and dance with calming, quieter pieces for bedtime. 

Includes a bonus track of commentary by Zacharias about her selections.

Baroque for Baby is available on major streaming and digital music services.


“There is nothing more magical than watching a baby or young child respond to music — the immediate natural and instinctive response to melody and rhythm is a reminder of just how fundamental music is in our lives. There are countless studies and reports that show the impact of music on the developing mind — improvements are evident in self-regulation, spatial awareness, memory, language development, self-expression, motor skills, just to name a few. Music and learning are interwoven in our brains in a powerful way. As a musician and a parent, the importance of music for babies is no surprise to me. In selecting the program for this playlist, my guiding principle was not particularly scientific: music is fun! 

—Cristina Zacharias