Testimonials from Past Participants



"It was both an honor and a pleasure to work with such talented and knowledgeable colleagues and mentors. I really had a blast (a very busy one, but a blast nonetheless) studying and performing the delightful repertoire that was selected for us. I especially and thouroughly enjoyed the vast versatility I was allowed to give to my singing (from solo through big choir), which is not something that`s encouraged in every program."
José Gabriel Sanchez (tenor 2018 / Mendoza, Argentina)

"The openness from the staff, faculty, and participants was amazing. Everyone seemed really positive and there to learn, which is not always the case at other institutes. I also loved how much we all moved around and had opportunities to lead and follow."
Lindsie Katz (Violin 2018 / Boulder, CO)

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you once again for the incredible experience that was TBSI.  I cannot express how transformative the past two weeks have been.  The level of instruction and performance opportunities are unparalleled.  I have always enjoyed early music and often get hired to sing it, but coming to TBSI has confirmed my desire and need to pursue a career in this style of music. Thank you for your passion, wisdom, and inspiration."
Adam Dyjach (tenor 2017 / Victoria, BC)
"The intensity of experience – playing solo, orchestral, and chamber music all in the course of two weeks – is unique and exhilarating. The faculty is amazing, and the level of organization really stood out. All members of staff were consistently enthusiastic, positive, and extremely helpful. The course of the two weeks has had a profound influence on me, and oriented my aspirations to early music."
Adrian Ross (harpsichord 2017 / Toronto, ON)
"We improve really quickly due to the positivity of every member of the faculty and staff. Best possible social atmosphere to have. It feels like a family."
William Foy (violin 2017 / Québec, QC)
"I think the best thing for me was to play so much great music with all these amazing people from all over the world. It’s really an awesome program!"
Qiao Chu (harpsichord 2017 / Beijing, China)
“I heartily encourage any musician at any stage of their student or professional life to consider applying: you can’t see on paper just the breadth and depth of education that you get here. Never before have I felt so challenged, so inspired, and so incredibly and overwhelmingly thrilled by learning and by making music. I leave TBSI with renewed confidence and passion, amplified vision, and new-found inspiration.”
Ashleigh Geiger (cello 2015 / Adelaide, Australia)
“I have never felt so well-informed, encouraged, and inspired as a musician in my life.”
Justin Luchinski (harpsichord 2015 / Montréal, QC)
“Thank you for an incredible TBSI experience – I am a changed musician.”
Jessica Foot (oboe 2015 / Melbourne, Australia)
"In the airport of Toronto thinking of the last two weeks as one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you to all the people that I have met, thank you to all the TBSI staff, thank you to my chamber music groups and the incredible concerts, and of course thank you for yesterday's concert [The Grand Finale], which was for me an incredible day that I will never forget.” 
Guillermo Turina (cello 2011 / JOA Exchange student from Spain)
"The program is so jam-packed that you can’t leave here without feeling you just got a huge boost! Please continue to organize this fabulous course as it fills such an important niche in Canada."
Wilma van Berkel (theorbo 2012 / Guitar instructor, Western University)
"Handel masterclass with Ann Monoyios: simply brilliant! Ornamenting is SO AWESOME." 
"HOLY CRAP – sitting and singing RIGHT NEXT to Peter Harvey at Grace Church!!! I'm the luckiest baritone EVER!" 
Keith Lam (Baritone 2011 / Toronto, ON)
“One of the best experiences of my life.”
Agustin Orcha Mata (double bass 2013 / Jaén, Spain)

I have attended a number of different summer music programs. While all of them have been beneficial, this has been the most complex and the most smoothly run, besides being extremely informative and inspiring.
Nancy Hennen (flute 2012 / Flute instructor, Brandon University)
“This was my first time playing baroque oboe, although I have been studying modern oboe for a long time. The Tafelmusik oboists, John and Marco, are artists of the first rank and I could not have asked for a better start anywhere.” 
Daniel Waldron (oboe 2010 / Toronto, ON)
"I enjoyed how holistic the program is – how we learn not just about the music itself and the practical aspects of playing it, but also about the era and its aesthetic. I have learned more about baroque music than I realized I didn’t know!"
Eleanor Verrette (viola 2012 / Toronto, ON)
“Lesson with Ann was incredible. Staff and instructors so encouraging, understanding, and loving. Finally understanding and then 'nailing' the Gesualdo was the best feeling ever. Ivars = Amazing.” 
Katie Cross (soprano 2011 / Toronto, ON)
"Being completely immersed in the baroque style for two weeks taught me more than I've learned in five years of music study. The singers you picked were all incredible people and musicians, and working with them every day was a pleasure. Being able to sing such challenging music in so many different ensembles was occasionally overwhelming, but oh-so-rewarding and very often thrilling." 
Jennifer Krabbe (soprano 2011 / North Bay, ON)
"I felt completely comfortable yet motivated in this intense/relaxed atmosphere. I always felt encouraged, never felt undermined. This is the best program I have attended, incredibly organized and so much fun! My approach to music has changed and my love for music is revived!"
Michelle Odorico (violin 2012 / Pickering, ON)
“My experience here has exceeded all possible expectations! The information I have processed in these two weeks is incredible and I know that it directly relates to the other music I play. I am very excited to see how it effects my modern playing. The best part of TBSI though, is being surrounded by the players of Tafelmusik. This faculty is so passionate, knowledgeable, and inspirational; this is the true gift of participating in TBSI. I am so inspired to learn more!” 
Katya Gorovaya (viola 2010 / Boston, MA)
“Yesterday I performed in an ensemble singing Bach motet "Singet dem Herrn, ein neues Lied" ... and we danced. Nobody cared what they looked like. Nobody cared about beat patterns. Nobody cared about being "correct." We just sang, shaped, and danced. And sang really briskly without being heavy. Or worrying about whether we were loud enough and if our own voices could be heard like our solo voice was the only thing that mattered. We only cared about the words. And Bach. And dancing. And we danced. And when we finished there wasn't a person on that stage not smiling – whether it be due to relief or sheer joy. It was so electrifying." 
Eric Christopher Perry (tenor 2011 / Boston, MA)