Program Overview: Instrumental

Instrumental Program 

The Instrumental Program is designed to offer experienced period players an opportunity for in-depth study of their instruments. The program also offers string players new to period instruments an introduction to the instruments, their technique, and the repertoire. Daily masterclasses are supported by lectures and workshops on a variety of topics.

Instruments offered are flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, bass, harpsichord, and lute/guitar. The availability of specific instrumental programs is subject to sufficient enrolment.

New! We are offering a limited number of spaces for players of modern flute, oboe, and bassoon to study baroque style on their modern instruments.

We will customize the daily schedule to the participant cohort. Below is the working list of planned activities:

  • Daily masterclasses for each instrument (with a limited number of participants per class to maximize time with faculty members)
  • Daily talks on performance practice
  • Technique classes for strings & winds
  • Continuo classes for harpsichordists & lutenists/guitarists
  • A series of workshops on improvising preludes
  • A series of workshops on playing divisions
  • Treatise study
  • Discussion of music resources
  • Viewing of filmed Tafelmusik concerts
  • Virtual “parties” to share stories and music, as well as a farewell musical gathering