Progress Report: Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Progress Report: Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

In June 2020 we shared a statement on Black lives matter, recognizing our privilege and lack of perspective on the experiences that Black, Indigenous, and people of colour face every day.

We still have a long way to go, but wanted to share a progress report on the actions and commitments Tafelmusik has undertaken to date, as well as our goals for the remainder of 2021.

Actions/commitments to date:

  • At the direction of the Tafelmusik Board, founded a cross-department Diversity Working Group (DWG) in July 2020

    • DWG met nine times to examine biases and help advance Tafelmusik as an organization firmly rooted in equitable practices. The DWG’s meetings culminated with the development and proposal of a 3-year action roadmap that was presented and approved by the Board in February 2021. This roadmap includes:

    • An organizational Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision Statement

    • Concrete actions to be taken over the next three years in the areas of talent recruitment, anti-oppression, staff and artist training, and programming selection

  • Began holding staff and musician town halls to facilitate and encourage conversations around justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

  • Senior management purchased and completed Rachel Ricketts’ Anti-Racism training

  • We are working towards a re-release of Tafelmusik’s digital recording of the music of Joseph Bologne. Originally recorded and released in 2002, and re-released in 2013, our existing recording used a title and artwork which contributed to and facilitated the erasure of Joseph Bologne and his legacy. Read our disclaimer statement about this here. Our forthcoming re-release is intended to better centre his name, face, and achievements (expected June 2021)

  • We have committed to increasing the amount of content and contextual events developed featuring the perspectives/talents of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour

Goals for the remainder of 2021 include:

  • Hire a Black, Indigenous, or persons of colour-led firm or individual(s) to consult on and make recommendations on improvements to our policies and training

  • Update our recruitment processes, anti-oppression policies, vendor review, and programming processes

  • Re-release digital recording of the music of Joseph Bologne (see above)

  • Develop and share a public patron code of conduct

  • All staff and musicians to complete justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion training

  • Develop and track metrics to assess and report on our progress

To stay accountable to you, our community, we will issue another progress report in fall 2021.

Carol Kehoe
Executive Director

Elisa Citterio
Music Drector

David Kilburn
Board Chair