In 2020, Tafelmusik undertook a reaffirmation of its organizational values, through an organization-wide review with our board, choir, orchestra and staff.

Tafelmusik's values describe the core ethics and principles our organization abides by, and are as follows: 

1. We are dedicated to sharing beauty and joy through music.

2. We respect and include all people in Tafelmusik’s endeavours, recognizing the inequality and underrepresentation experienced by marginalized peoples.

3. We foster equitable and collaborative relationships between all members of the organization as well as the community.

4. We are committed to the stewardship of music of the past through the education of students and enthusiasts alike, and through the training of pre-professional and professional musicians.

5. We value a culture of continuous learning and development, with a versatile and creative approach to future challenges.

6. We are true to the integrity of our art through historically-informed performance practice and scholarship.

In abiding to and celebrating these values, we aim to achieve our commitment to celebrating beauty; reflect the vested interests of our board, staff, and musicians; and take a lead in making our community a better place through intentional, critical arts programming. 

To learn more about how we are enacting these values, please visit our menu to the right, which outlines our commitment and progress to date. 

We welcome your feedback at feedback@tafelmusik.org