Touring Programs
Touring Programs. Orchestra members on a dark stage with a large projection of a desert night with camels walking on a sand ridge.

While Tafelmusik is based in Toronto, we regularly tour our programs beyond the city, throughout Canada and internationally. Below, see some of our more popular baroque music programs which have toured extensively.

Safe Haven
Safe Haven explores the influence of refugee populations on the culture of their adopted countries, and taps into parallels between 18th-century Europe and the issues currently facing our world. The concert features music by European baroque composers including Corelli, Lully, Bach, Telemann, and Vivaldi—composers whose interactions with migrant musicians, impresarios, and artisans had a major influence on their work. Created by Alison Mackay, and featuring guest artists Diely Mori Toukara, kora, Maryem Tollar, voice, and Naghmeh Farahmand, percussion, the second half explores some of the rich global cultural traditions passed along to a new generation of Canadian musicians. Learn more

The Galileo Project
Explore the fusion of arts, science and culture in the 17th and 18th centuries in this imaginative concert commemorating Galileo’s first public demonstration of the telescope. Tafelmusik musicians perform the music by memory to a backdrop of high-definition images from the Hubble telescope and Canadian astronomers. The Galileo Project: Music of the Spheres features poetic narration, choreography, and music by Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel. Learn more

House of Dreams
A magical journey to the meeting places of baroque art and music: five European homes where exquisite works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Marais were played against a backdrop of paintings by Vermeer, Canaletto, and Watteau. Includes stage direction, narration, and stunning projected images. Learn more

J.S. Bach: The Circle of Creation
J.S. Bach: The Circle of Creation combines text, music, and stunning projected video and images to explore the world of the artisans — papermakers, violin carvers, string spinners, and performers — who helped J.S. Bach realize his musical genius. This all-Bach programme is performed by Tafelmusik musicians entirely from memory.  Learn more

Tales of Two Cities: The Leipzig-Damasus Coffee House
It’s 1740, and coffee houses are the places to listen to music and share stories, in both the famous trading centre of Leipzig and one of the oldest cities in the world, Damascus. Experience the visual splendour, music, and contemporary tales of these historic locations, with music by J.S. Bach, Handel, and Telemann. Learn more

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