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Safe Haven

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Safe Haven explores the influence of refugee populations on the culture of their adopted countries, and taps into Alison Mackay's uncanny ability to examine the parallels between 18th-century Europe and the issues currently facing our world. Staged in Toronto, and combining classical western music with Persian and Malian instrumentation, the concert features music by European baroque composers including Corelli, Lully, Bach, Telemann, and Vivaldi - composers whose interactions with migrant musicians, impresarios, and artisans had a major influence on their work.

With guest artists Diely Mori Toukara, kora, Maryem Tollar, voice, and Naghmeh Farahmand, percussion, the second half explores some of the rich global cultural traditions passed along to a new generation of Canadian musicians.

“[A] jewel box of shiny, enticing treasures that unfold seamlessly over two hours.” —Ludwig Van Toronto

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