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House of Dreams

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An imaginative concert designed by Alison Mackay, creator of Metamorphosis, Chariots of Fire, The Galileo Project

A magical journey to the meeting places of baroque art and music – five European homes where exquisite works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Marais were played against a backdrop of paintings by Vermeer, Canaletto, and Watteau. Includes stage direction, narration, and stunning projected images.

“…like a documentary film brought to life: high quality eye-candy and a guided trip through Europe rolled into one, for the price of a concert ticket”  The Globe and Mail

“…much more than a concert … an experience that transcends its many components to create a special, all-encompassing experience that makes one forget time and place for two bliss-filled hours.”  The Toronto Star

Booking Information

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We would like to express our gratitude to the following people for lending their expertise and kind advice during the creation of House of Dreams:

Atom Egoyan

David Wistow  and Katharine Lochnan of the Art Gallery of Ontario

Brittani Harding and Opera  Bob’s for the kind loan of Ava, the sweetest dog in the world

Matthew  Hargraves of the Yale Centre for British Art

Wendell Wilson, author of The History of Mineral Collecting, Tucson 1994

Linda Braun and Alvin Ulrich of the Saskatchewan Flax Development Council

Thomas McGeary for advice on Handel’s art collection

Jean-françois Bédard for advice on the architecture of the Palais-Royal

The photographers who worked on the project: Andy Lepki in London, Dennis Verbruggen in Delft, Gert Mothes in Leipzig, and Raha Javanfar in Venice.

A special thank you is due to Elizabeth  Ganiatsos, who  made her stunning collection of personal photos of Venice available and spent days taking new shots for House of Dreams. Elizabeth is a musicologist, performer, educator and longtime Tafelmusik subscriber who has an intimate knowledge of the history and buildings of Venice, which she has captured in many of the images seen in the concert.