The Orchestra: Thomas Georgi: Violin


After studies at Cornell University and State University of New York at Stony Brook, Thomas Georgi moved to Australia to become a violinist in the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. After ten years in the sunshine, he moved back to North America to play with Tafelmusik. In 2017 he was honoured for his work on the viola d’amore when Anatoma georgii, a new species of Alaskan marine snail, was named for “naturalist and viola d’amore virtuoso, scholar, and teacher Thomas (Tom) Georgi for his masterful and nuanced interpretation of early music, particularly his tasteful gestures and ornamentation, and for generously sharing his wealth of knowledge with players around the world.” Tom’s solo recordings for the Bis label may be heard for free at His website,, promotes the wider understanding of the viola d’amore. In 2020 he will be an invited guest at the Autism in Music conference at Duquesne University.

Photo credit: Sian Richards