Dec 11, 2013

A Tafelmusik Milestone: Handel's Saul

Handel's Saul

It is with a sense of great anticipation and excitement that we present Handel's epic oratorio Saul later this season. Over the years Tafelmusik has made the artistic commitment to explore Handel's great oratorios. We've shared the glorious music of Solomon, Deborah, Israel in Egypt, Hercules, and of course Messiah with our "Tafel-audience". And now we fulfill a personal dream of mine to present his most lavish oratorio, Saul.



Dec 4, 2013

The Fortepiano by Thomas and Barbara Wolf

FortepianoThe piano used for the Dec 5-8 2013 performances of Mozart's Piano was made by Thomas and Barbara Wolf in 1997 in The Plains, Virginia, outside Washington, DC.


Thomas Wolf
Barbara Wolf
Gabriel Anton Walter

Oct 29, 2013

Tafelmusik continues to bask in rising ticket sales and financial strength

From Musical Toronto, by John Terauds
No need to add gloss or massage the news at the Tafelmusik annual general meeting, which was held last night. It was all good news as ticket revenues as well as the endowment grew at Toronto’s debt-free period-instrument orchestra.
The 2013 annual report boasts the organization’s 13th consecutive operating surplus — slightly more than $88,000 on a total budget of $5.4 million. Ticket sales grew by almost $200,000 from last year’s $1.6 million.


Jeanne Lamon
Tricia Baldwin

Oct 4, 2013

Music Director Jeanne Lamon is presented with the Toronto Musicians’ Association Lifetime Achievement Award at Tafelmusik’s Early Bird Concert

On Sunday, September 29, Tafelmusik Early Bird Subscribers attended two special “sneak peek” concerts at the newly revitalized Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre.  Both audience and musicians were thrilled to experience the new space, which we think is beautiful for both the ears and the eyes. The day was made even more special because of a presentation at the 3:30pm concert.


Jeanne Lamon
Lifetime Achievement Award

Oct 4, 2013

Manfredo Kraemer in conversation with William Littler

WL: Do you remember how you started to learn the violin and whether it was  your idea?


Mandredo Kraemer
William Littler
Baroque Austria

Oct 3, 2013

A View from the Orchestra – what our musicians are thinking about Baroque Austria: Salzburg and Vienna

Baroque Austria: Salzburg and Vienna is Tafelmusik’s first concert at our newly revitalized home venue, Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, Jeanne Lamon Hall. We are looking forward to showing off our new space, but also to introducing you to some rarely-heard, and really quite exciting, music. Guest directed by the German/Argentinian violinist Manfredo Kraemer, this concert includes music by Fux, Biber, Schmelzer, Rittler, and Muffat. 

Here’s what the orchestra thinks:


Baroque Austria
Christopher Verrette
Charlotte Nediger
Cristina Zacharias

Jun 5, 2013

Fri May 31 Globe and Mail rave review of Chopin & Beethoven

Tafelmusik offers attractive opposites
The concept of yin and yang, the perfection of opposites, is an Eastern idea. But it was with Western musical culture that the spiritual truth of this insight was given astounding relevance on Thursday night as Tafelmusik presented its last concert of the season.
The earth and fire of yin, to use another set of opposites, was provided by the music of Beethoven, the essence of vitality and forthrightness in Western musical life.


Koerner Hall

Mar 6, 2013

Wed March 6 New York Times Review of House of Dreams

Open Houses on Sunday Afternoons Long Ago

Tafelmusik at the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Tafelmusik, from Toronto, presented here by the Miller Theater, offered a whimsical and beautifully structured program called “House of Dreams,” which linked digital images of Baroque masterpieces to the music that was performed in the 18th-century salons where these paintings decorated the walls.


House of Dreams
USA Tour
New York