Mar 6, 2013

Wed March 6 New York Times Review of House of Dreams

Open Houses on Sunday Afternoons Long Ago

Tafelmusik at the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Tafelmusik, from Toronto, presented here by the Miller Theater, offered a whimsical and beautifully structured program called “House of Dreams,” which linked digital images of Baroque masterpieces to the music that was performed in the 18th-century salons where these paintings decorated the walls.

The actor Blair Williams narrated the proceedings like a futuristic visitor wandering through tableaus frozen in time, connecting the music and art with readings and fascinating historical tidbits. The ensemble opened the program with selections from some of Handel’s Concerti Grossi and “Entrance of the Agreeable Dreams” from his “Alcina,” an opera that he rehearsed at home.

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