Dec 13, 2012

Rave Reviews for Tafelmusik Media's MESSIAH

Handel's Messiah

Tafelmusik’s new live recording of Handel’s Messiah has been garnering rave reviews. Here’s a sampling of what the critics have said:

“…one instantly knows that this is going to be a finely played and sensitively directed performance … time and again I was impressed by exquisitely shaded string-playing … this is one of the best-played recordings of Messiah.” 
“I deem it a desert-island Messiah… for me this is the performance of Messiah to own.”
-Fanfare (Click here for entire review)

“ … this is as fine a period-instrument performance of Messiah as you are likely to experience anywhere in the world right now. Captured on two CDs and available through Tafelmusik’s new in-house label, this living, breathing piece of 1742 can make every Torontonian proud.”  -John Terauds, Musical Toronto (Click here for entire review)

“Fulfilling all expectations for a historically informed performance on original instruments, Tafelmusik's period re-creation of George Frederick Handel's Messiah is among the finest on the market … radiates brilliance and energy, along with an emotional depth that fully enhances the work's expression. The four vocal soloists are superb in their smooth tonal production and subtle phrasing, expert in the art of embellishment, and clear and easy to understand, despite the virtuosity of Handel's parts. Also outstanding in this regard is the choir, which is lean and limber, fully capable of handling the long streams of sixteenth notes while communicating every word. The orchestra is luminous in its string tone, and the crispness of the ensemble's playing brings across every rhythm and ornament with scintillating clarity.” (Click here for entire review)

“Underpinning the whole performance, the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra plays with glowing sound and the assurance that only comes with experience.” -Robert Rowat, (Click here for entire review)

“Hearing Messiah on period instruments is always a pleasure, and Tafelmusik plays these instruments as if they are the most natural things in the world, with no apparent struggles or difficulties of adjustment or intonation at all. The four soloists are all very fine as well, all quite comfortable with period ornamentation, and with countertenor Robin Blaze having a particularly sweet and well-modulated voice. The result is a Messiah that can be enjoyed at Christmas, Easter, and anytime in between, before or after.” -Mark Estren, (Click here for entire review)

“The orchestra and choir are excellent. This recording is new, however, and it is also the first live recording of the orchestra. I hope that there will be many more. The achievements of Tafelmusik have been immense and further recordings should bring them to the attention of a wider audience.” -Hans De Groot, The Wholenote (Click here for entire review)

Read more about this fantastic recording here, and don't forget to purchase your tickets for Messiah and Sing-Along Messiah here!