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The Listening Club

Blurring the Boundaries

The Listening Club

Wed May 2, 2018 at 7pm Memorial Room, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre Map BUY NOW

Think you know everything about baroque music? Delve a little deeper into baroque music with this special series moderated by BBC Radio host and musicologist Dr. Hannah French, with violist Patrick Jordan.

We like history to be neat and tidy. The Renaissance. The Baroque Period. The Classical Era. All nice and identifiable. But in reality, it’s of course a wonderful evolving history of fits and starts. In this last listening club we look at composers who ‘sit outside the box’, challenging our ears to be surprised by their innovations or recognize their heritage – and listening to the implications for performers today.

Listen to the playlist Download the Listening Chart for your notes

To help you prepare for the discussion, listen to the playlist of the music we will discuss in the club, and fill out the listening chart for your notes. Just jot down any words or feelings that come to mind when listening, or anything you notice about the music: what's enjoyable, unusual, or difficult to appreciate about each piece.

Dr. Hannah French Patrick Jordan, viola

Dr. Hannah French

Patrick Jordan, viola






Talks last approximately 90 minutes