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Tafelscene: Tafelmusik for 35 & Under

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Must be 35 & under to be a Tafelscene member


Prices that can't be beat: Tickets start at only $15

Hear Tafelmusik live at all of our Toronto season concerts in the 2015/2016 season for as little as as $15, $20, or $25 with valid photo ID.*

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Tafelscene pricing is also available for all subscription packages.


Our popular Tafelscene parties!

What could possible go better with baroque music than food and wine? Get tickets to the following concerts and you have free access to our Tafelscene lounge, where you can mingle with other audience members and have a chance to speak with the musicians.


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Help out at concerts and Tafelscene parties. Find out how by contacting Tim Crouch at


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*”35 and under?” tickets are available only for those aged 18 to 35 - valid photo ID required. Guests aged 36 to 64 attending a concert with a Tafelscene patron must purchase tickets at the regular adult or senior (when applicable) ticket price . Guests aged 17 and under may purchase tickets at the 35 & Under price with valid photo ID.